Monday, May 08, 2006

Long Week & Weekend

So last week, I made it a point to go out every single night no matter where I was and to also to continue my normal routines work, school, gym, and reading. Trying to do all this was tough, but by Wednesday, I was in a groove, it helped that basically I saved the drinking for the weekend.

I have been playing with making my own routines. I have three openers, three stories, and about ten stock responses for the usual test questions thrown at me during a sarge. I have fought with myself over the past 10 months to do this, I thought it was too much work and it would be better to wing it. Actually, having these in the back of mind have actually made life a lot easier. It has allowed me to relax and dabble a little with multiple conversation threads.

Monday and Tuesday nights were tough because not that many folks were out except for happy hours since I was alone I had to open mix sets. What I found that while I’m doing this for experience, I’m losing interest in the middle because there’s no sense of anything on the line and it’s really difficult if you are alone. I also stayed away from my usual hangouts during the week to get out of my comfort zone, spending more time downtown or on Capitol Hill.

Friday night, I started off horribly. I was waiting for my buddy, Cowboy to show up at Cloud. What started out as a 10 minutes wait ended up as an hour wait and because I sat on my ass and did not do any approaches when I first got there. It was tough opening sets of girls that had been there for a while. Yep, screw up the three-second rule. Anyway, I did number close a cute Asian girl (BCutie), she’ll probably flake, but I don’t care.

Saturday was a strange night. I felt like I was doing everything right or at least textbook right. In a set as soon as I landed in a bar, talking to guys, girls, and my friends, but nothing stuck. I think I was too busy entertaining and not staying focus on moving the sets along.

Sunday, I spent with HBSharon. I was worried that I might have started the dating ritual with her, but she informed me that she was recently divorced and was not looking for something serious which was fine except for when she said it was when she was pulling my shirt off.

Looking back at the week, I definitely need to work on the three-second rule. When I go end in guns blasting everything is fine, any type of waiting even if for a friend or for the bartender throws me off.

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