Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bs & Ken

I stumbled across a post on DC Bachelor, Why Mediocre Women Desire Hot Men, in the DCB talks about the state of mind of SHBs, HBs, and Bs. It is an interesting take on female behavior and mindset. It got me thinking about why we sometimes get in a funk or become AFCs. It also inadvertently points out why it is important to qualify woman.

If you are an average Joe and you go and to do typical normal nice guy approach even if you are the catch of decade if you are not a model/actor/rock star looking guy, you are already blown out the water because the average gal is not looking for you. It also touches on Stephane's, 'Breaking the Ice' routine where you intentionally poke act this idea that all women are looking for is a Ken doll to take home to mommy.

At the end of the day, what I have found that while looks play a part in attraction, it is attitude and even just the ability to have an intelligent conversation using the various techniques out there to qualify, elicit values, stimulate kino, and emotions are effective tools to break or go under this screening radar or mindset.

It is also an interesting frame reversal or a different way to look at approaches. How many times have you approach Bs or HBs to only get blown out even if your game was somewhat decent versus how many times have you approach SHBs to be surprise that your set actually opens without much effort? Granted, there is a lot of things in play, but DCB rant actually hits on interesting point of different mindsets of targets.

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