Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weds Night Observations Ramblings

I went to Blue Gin last night, there was some promotional party going on. Anyway, I open seven sets, things did not go bad but I could have done better. For some reason when I got there, I was shaking. I thought about grabbing a drink, but I didn't. I open my first set nothing special, it was going well about 8 minutes in I went blank so I ejected with it was nice to meet you and moved on to the next set. The second set same deal but I pushed through it and eventually ejected. In the middle of my third set, I noticed that my friends were there, but I continued anyway and eventually the conversation died and I went and spoke to friends and then continued to open sets.

I did not have a game plan, I basically worked the room. It was like I was at a business function. The routines I was running was "Hi, what's your name?" → An opinon opener (Thong or cheating girlfriend) which usually had the set going and this where I would stalled so I need to add another opener/routine. It might have helped if I paid attention to the IOIs or IODs.

What I noticed was after a while the sets were reopening with this time the girls asking/testing → What do you do?/ Where are you from?

So I'm kinda stuck, I'm trying to figure this out, if you go in a don't screw up the opening, run a story or routine, ignore nay IOIs or IODs and politely eject, the set reopens with IOIs/testing? I know I didn't do a lot of things right. I really wasn't into being out, but I needed to be out and really work on my routines. I think that it might have been I was inadvertantly being showing active signs of disinterest while actually trying attract or it could have been I was probably only the sober guy talking to women.

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alluringreality said...

I’d get bored holding any group for 8 minutes, so the stall seems natural. I’d let it happen, allow things to start to die down, and pick up on a thread interacting with one individual.