Saturday, April 29, 2006

She only wanted directions

It started off with walking home from the gym in the morning. I was walking passed this girl and she removed the hair in front of her face and smile, I smile and said Hi, she responed with Hi and actually stop so I said, "You know, I have to get to work, but I would like to see you again". She said smiled and said, "Do you know where Tower Record is?" Smiling and chuckling to myself, I said, "One block on the right". She smiled and said, "Thanks" and walked off. She completely blew me off. All I could do was laugh.


Lifestyle With BG said...

You have a great way of writing :)

You make everything seem so... romantic. :-)

Nightfreeze said...

That's the perfect reaction. Sometimes girls are just in a hurry or really want to get somewhere, and even Mystery himself wouldn't be able to stop them.