Monday, April 24, 2006


Friday night, I headed out to 18th Lounge. I had not been there in a while, they had a pretty good jazz/blues band playing upstairs. Interesting enough my friends actually were there before me, it kind of tough to pull them away from Georgetown.

I ran into an old friend of mine (HBMichelle) and her friends (a mixed set 4 girls - HBSharon, BNiki, HBWendi, BKim - and two guys). Our groups basically merged into one large one. After about a half hour of everyone getting to know each other, people started to move around, get drinks, dance, your typical bar activity.

I was leaning against the bar between HBMichelle and HBSharon. I turned my head and ran a modified "Breaking the Ice" opener (from Ideagasm).

SNIPER: Can I ask you very indiscreet question?
HBSharon: (raises her eyebrows)
SNIPER: If I make you feel uncomfortable in anyway, just tell me buzz or give me the finger, and I'll now what do.
HBSharon: (smiling) Sure.
SNIPER: Are you single?
HBSharon: (laughs) Yes.
SNIPER: So what up? Are you shy?
HBSharon: (Laughing) No.
SNIPER: So when are you going to ask me out?
HBSharon: (Laughing) I don't know.
SNIPER: (Holding my hand out) Let's go.
HBSharon: Umm..Ok (grabs my hand)

We go and sit on a couch.

SNIPER: (very quietly saying) Don't be obvious, but what do you think that guy is saying to that at the bar?
HBSharon: What I couldn't hear you? (Leans in put her hand on my shoulders and ear closer to my mouth)
SNIPER: (again very quietly saying) Don't be obvious, but what do you think that guy is saying to that at the bar?
HBSharon: (looks up and giggles) I don't.
SNIPER: Wow, you can never be a spy.
HBSharon: (taps me on the shoulder) I'm very good with secrets. Ok, what would you think he is saying?
SNIPER: (gently take her hand and look her in the eyes) Mon Cherie, even though we have only met this evening, you are the love of my life, I want to take off to Never, Never land and marry you.
HBSharon: (bursts out laughing)
SNIPER: (Stands up and grabs her hand) Let's dance.
HBSharon: ok

We dance for a while interspersed with fluff talk. HBMichelle comes over and invites us back to her place. I grab my friends and we all head back HBMichelle's place. In the cab, HBSharon is sitting on my lap and we kiss.

At HBMichelle place, everyone is drinking. My buddy, MB is actually making some headway with HBMichelle. HBSharon and I are on the couch and run Strawberry fields on her. She eats it up. A little more fluff talk, then some kissing. She ask me to walk her home on the way their more kissing and hugging. We get to her place and we get down to some serious making out, but I could not get break thru LMR.

Anyway, I stay the night. She makes me breakfast and I set-up a Day2 for Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. This really is the type of game I'll be running (again) when I'm single again.

Hopefully with the same success.

Good to read this shit from you again :-)

Van Wilder said...

Good stuff man!