Thursday, January 19, 2006

Style (Clothing) / Day Game

I have been on the road a lot over the past two weeks. My wardrobe has changed some when I am here in DC, I can chill out at home or at a coffee shop and work, most of the time in jeans and t-shirt, well now a sweater, every once in a while business causal if I have a meeting or lunch to go. However, on the road, it is usually a suit or business causal depending on what I need to get done.

What I have noticed is that when you wear a suit at the appropriate locations, women actually pay more attention to you. A suit at a bar at 8pm on a Tuesday just does not work. Business causal pretty much works everywhere except for at clubs.

I think that being on the road and wearing anything but jeans have improved my day game even in this cold weather. I’m definitely approaching more in the day than in the night and getting better responses, well more like I’m not getting lock into one or two set for the whole day because I have work and other things to do, so I’m closing and moving on.

This not to say you cannot pua in jeans. I pua in jeans at night in clubs or at the coffee shops, but there is definitely a different type of response in the daytime. I think that if you don’t have that slight older look than in jeans most people, guys come off as looking as college students or slackers during the daytime during the week. While some would argue that clothes don’t make the man, it is his attitude, I would say it is clothes that get him the first glance and if you act on the first glance or in 3 seconds then you already have the attitude.

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