Saturday, January 14, 2006


Last night, I went out with my cousin (RC) in Boston. He took me to a pretty cool little jazz spot. We were standing at the bar and a group a women come up. They were having a good time and after a while they began split up into various groups. RC and I were talking and one of the girls slips and RC grabs her (BHanna). She thanks him and she and her friend (BMindy) starts talking to us. At first, your friendly typically banter and then more fun joking stuff.

So BMindy and I hit it off well. You know how you get into a good conversation flow, trading stories, jokes, giving each other a hard time, but something was off well not off but moving fast it was like we through all of Mystery’s phases in 20 minutes.

She grabs my hand and takes me out on the dance floor. This is where I realize that this woman is either hammered or on something, but she keeps escalating, we really were not dancing more like me trying to keep her from falling and her groping me. Somehow we end up in a booth, she chatting and groping me and I’m thinking how the hell did this girl isolate me in span of 30 minutes. So I’m like screw it, she’s cute and I go in for a kiss, she turns and hugs me. So say I to myself too soon, try again later. So we get back into our conversation flow, now she’s back to normal but still holding onto me. I run the you smell nice routine, sniff her neck, and then she gives me a quick peck on the lips and pulls me up and we head back to the bar.

We find RC and BHanna. They chatting and flirting. We are all start talking and then BMindy starts groping me again. My RC looks at me like WTF and just shrug my shoulders. We go out to the dance floor. We were out there for a while. Eventually, we made back to the bar. It was 12 or so and I had to jet. RC number closes BHanna and I kiss close BMindy.

Not a bad night. I definitely missed something somewhere. BMindy completely controlled the frame. Maybe I jetted to soon, but I had to work in the morning and catch a flight. I had fun.

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