Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Price of Admission

I stumbled across this afternoon. It Could Be Worse ... It basically piece on why men should buy women drinks or how guys in San Francisco don't buy girls drinks and how it does not work that way in New York. It is linked to another post, Would you like a drink?, where a guy holds his own on why he doesn't buy women a drink. There is one good point made which is after you have established some rapport and are in an ongoing conversation with a woman and you head to the bar and do not return from the a bar with a drink for the woman you are talking to, it is rude or the woman might consider it rude. I will half-heartedly agree with that point, other points like women make less than men, it's the price of admission, or the flat out it is only polite are all excuses for wanting to get something for free. Where does this sense of entitlement comes from?


Anonymous said...

As a general rule, I don't buy drinks for girls. If I've established rapport, and it's drink time, I'll buy the first round.


. said...

I'm not sure if it's as much a sense of entitlement as a sense of tradition. I mean, that's the way it had been done from the 20s (when women started going to bars)through the 60s... and even today, though clearly not as much.

Anonymous said...

I buy drinks and dinner, myself. But I am an old-fashioned kind of lad.

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