Saturday, January 14, 2006

Letting One go

On Wednesday, I was in Philly for a meeting so I went out to grab a bite to eat and practice a little bit.

I found a great lounge downtown when I got there around 6 or so there was a nice little happy hour crowd, some people eating, some people drinking, your normal happy hour scene. I sat at the bar, order some food, and started chatting up the bartender. He was a pretty cool guy, told me about some cool spots to hit up the next time I was in Philly. While I was sitting there was a woman (BAlone) there I think either in the same situation I was in or just out to grab a bite to eat. I started chatting her up, I didn’t use an opener, I just said ‘Hi’. She nodded. We began some random chit-chat and eventually she opens up and begin smiling and laughing, but for some reason I had a feeling that she was just cold, I don’t know why, it like the vibe was off, but I continued to talk to her when I was done eating I got up, went to the bathroom, returned, order a drink, and open a two set: HBEagles and HBClerk.

Now, they were actually fun. Lots of joking around and flirting, not serious just a good time. I got their numbers and head back to my hotel. As I was walking back I was thinking to myself about BAlone, what happened, what went wrong … And boom I thought who cares, she just wasn’t into me plus I met two other cool chicks to hangout with the next time I’m back in Philly. I had a kept talking to BAlone, I would have never met HBEagles and HBClerk. Now, nothing may never come together with HBEagles and HBClerk, but at least I had good time versus trying to pua some chick who was not into me or in a bad mood, it would have left me either drunk or in a bad mood.

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