Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So, I decided to get out of my element for a little while last weekend. I hit Garzua, which I had not been back to since the summer. I like this place, I guess I gonna have to add it to my places to stop.

I found I have definitely become more comfortable being out alone especially if it’s in a location that I’m not too familiar with. I got there around 10:30pm. There was a nice crowd there I was very surprise since it was kinda of early. I open a set of three guys, just to get myself talking nothing-spectacular just football. I then opened a two set (HBCarla & BKris) with my standard opener/routine. “Hi, what’s your name?”; “Did you hear about some star and they did?”; Story/Joke (farmer’s daughter in Idaho). I held this set for a good 20 mins., but while everyone was having a goodtime, I was not getting any buying signals. Since, I was standing always exactly between the two sets I kinda of merged them well attempted the three guys didn’t keep it going.

During this, there was a lone wolf standing at the bar, HBEstonia. I introduced myself.

Sniper: Hi, I’m Sniper.
HBEstonia: Hi, I’m HBEstonia.
Sniper: Wow, great accent! Where are you from?
HBEstonia: Estonia. Ever been?
Sniper: No, I haven’t but I traveled … (story about traveling through Central America)
HBEstonia: (Story about travel through Europe)
Sniper: I gonna go visit a friend at Agua, but I need to grab something to eat. I’m going across the street to Zorba.
HBEstonia: Oh.
Sniper: You don’t have to be shy. You can join me. I know you a ladies like to eat.
HBEstonia: (laughs) Hmmm…maybe

I pay my tab and grab my jacket and HBEstonia agrees to come along. We hit Zorba, grabs some food and wine (actually a bottle). Just a general good time. We hit Agua, dance a little bit, talk with CM, drink a little, and then I walk her home and we makeout at her place. I could not get past the LMR, but I had good time anyhow.


SocialHitchHiker said...

Sounds like you have been working a lot more natural game.. Nice... I've been reading for a while and wanted to say hello. I love the part where you tried to merge sets. Major high value thing to do.. I just got back from Juggler's Seminar and it sounds a lot like his game.. Keep up the great blog.

Anonymous said...

Heh, doesn't even sound like PU when you talk about it, man :)

It's just having fun and making some friends :)

Dolly said...

Yeah, my "date" last night couldn't get past the LMR, either. ;)