Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Snow Party '05

One the best thing about DC is that any hint of a natural catastrophe heading towards the city will cause Washingtonians to turn into party animals. While we didn't have the storm of the century, there were some pretty good ad hoc parties going on last night.

Of course, I called my guys to see if they wanted in on it and of course, they didn't. Eh, what am I going to do? It was courtesy call anyway.

I met up with JackRabbit at Stetsons. We had a drink and began opening up sets. Not bad, we hadn't hung out for about 3 weeks so our first set was somewhat weak it fizzed out. The second set went well, we hit a stride and we vibing off of each other and the girls stacking conversations, moving in and out stories, we got their numbers.

The third set started well, but got interrupted by a couple of guys these girls knew, but JackRabbit and I just plowed through, we just kept talking. It is amazing to see how the use of body language changes everything. I don't know if it was on purpose on just subconsciously but after the intro of the MOGs, I turned slightly towards the bar to order a diet coke, I was perpendicular to the bar and BIowa turned and face me and we continued our conversation, the MOGs eventually walk off.

JackRabbit and I invite our targets to a house party and they come along. The first couple of minutes along the walk there I was fighting with myself about how to initiate Kino, I put my hand BIowa's hip as we cross the street and then she locked our arms as we made it to the other side. We get to my friend KM's house, KM and her roommates had completely cleared their living room and turn it into a dance floor so it was an easy transition from hanging up our coats, grabbing a beer and dancing. BIowa and I dance for a while with lots of handholding and hip grabbing eventually some kissing. Jack Rabbit was working his target well.

Around 11 or so, a decision had to be made. It didn't snow has predicted and everyone was realizing that they were going to have to actually make it to work on time. JackRabbit was walking his target home, so I suggested that I walked BIowa home. So we all jet, eventually we had to split up so BIowa and her friend. BIowa and I reach her place and make out outside for a while, she gives me her number and we say goodbye.

So not a bad night, I actually had a great time and only had two drinks. I finally clicked with a wing, I think because we were not doing the typical guy thing of drinking at the bar and then trying to approach might have played a huge role in our interaction. We had one drink and just began approaching. I did use a small amount of canned materials, but I mostly ran with the conversation threads that our targets were using, adding my perspective and running with it. For some reason, JackRabbit and I vibed with each other, playing up each other good points to each target, this was totally unplanned, it just flowed.

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