Monday, December 05, 2005

Moving away from My friends

For the past four years, I have hung out with the same five guys every Friday and Saturday night when I have been in town. They are a good time while it's fun to hang out with them; it's only fun to hang out with them at clubs. I have invited them time after time to various parties and events where there tons of great looking women only to have them jet after a hour to go to a club where there is no one there until 1 am and it's them same people that we know.

So I'm done. I'm just going to do my own thing. Not that I will not hang out with them, I'm just not going to stand in the same spot with them for four hours. I spent the summer playing around with this idea, now it's final.

Where is this coming from? HBSwimmer threw a pre-snow party last night with tons of food, alcohol, women, and even football. We land there, she takes around show us the place, introduce us to her friends. I was playing pool with one of her friends (HBApril) for about an hour with lots of trash talking and flirting.

MB comes ups and says they want to leave. I asked why? He replied they were not in the mood, blah, and blah... What??? There is something fundamentally wrong with these guys. This was a party of about 40 people in a huge house with more women than there were guys. Now, I have seen these guys hit on more women one night at Cloud where the guys out number the girls.

So, I get HBApril's number and jet with my foolish friends. I was truly pissed and this how I have come to the conclusion to just do my own thing. I have tons of my own problems to deal with, I don’t want other peoples’ baggage, and I don't want other people to stop my progress.

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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to this. Shame, shame, shame...
What i do now is to hang with those friends of mine once every two weeks or so.
I finally grew tired of them whining at the world.