Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I had dinner with BMexico last night and she really opened my mind to a lot of things. First off, she is engaged and on top of that she has a boyfriend and on top of that she is hooking up with me.

So asked, how long she has been engaged. She says two months. I asked how come she is hanging out with me. She says because she doesn’t love the guy and the guy won’t take no for answer and basically told her to keep the ring and she can decide at a later date. She then goes on to tell me about how he buys her plane tickets to go wherever she wants, comes and visits her when she’s in California at her parents and takes her and her friends out and pays for everything. So I probe her anymore, I asked her what did she do to him to make him fall so hard. She tells me that he was a friend of friend and that actually met at a party and he wanted her number, but she would not give it to him, and that he got her number from her friend and calls and asked her out. So she goes out with him and he takes her to an awesome restaurant and nothing happens and then this cycle begins where he is taking her out all the time and when she mentions something in conversation, he would either buy that thing, pay for her to go to Vegas, and etc… So I say bulls**t and she says no men are stupid. She goes into this rant on how at first she liked him and when they first went out she was impressed and basically he didn’t try to kiss her so she thought this was like some type of friendship or possible Fbuddy thing building up, but he never did anything except kept taking her out and buying her things. Then I asked about the engagement. She said it came out of the blue and she told him that she did not love him and that they were just friends and blah, blah, blah, but he would not take the ring back and told her to hold onto it for when she changes her mind. I tried to get a little more specific …

Sniper: Have you kissed him?
BMexico: Yes
Sniper: Have you made out with him?
BMexico: Kinda.
Sniper: What does that mean?
BMexico: We kissed, held hands, but he has not seen me naked. I have not gotten him off in anyway.
Sniper: Hmm…so what’s the deal?
BMexico: He’s looking for a wife.
Sniper: Why are you letting this continue?
BMexico: I told him, I don’t love him. I told him no. If he wants to continue to do what he’s doing, I’m fine with it. It’s not my money.
Sniper: You know this is gonna end badly.
BMexcio: It’s not my fault.

Wow, this blew my mind away. We continue dinner and we get on a conversation about her job. I say something to affect that they must be paying her well, because she got a new car. She replies her boyfriend bought it for her. I asked her what the difference between her boyfriend and her fiancé. She replies that they are two different people. So I start probing her on her boyfriend. I ask if this was kind of the same situation. She says yes, but at least her boyfriend actually tries to have sex with her, but it’s kinda creepy because it seems that he is only buying things and doing nice things for her because he wants have sex with her.

So ask her why she is dealing with me, if she has two guys with money doing all these things for her. She says because it seems that I really don’t want anything except to have fun and that all she wants.

Interesting, eh? I got a first hand view of what everyone in the community, especially the gurus are saying about money and nice guys. It also really reinforced why some of my past behaviors led me down a path of just being a ‘friend’. It was probably on of the best insights in dating/relationships that I could ever get.

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Anonymous said...

Dude.. this is killin me. I was reading it and found myself getting mad at the girl; for taking advantage.

When all she does is take what the guys are offering. I would do exactly the same.

It's weird how these things are so embedded in your brain.

Also; it must feel nice to know that you dont do that stuff and she likes you for it. Its kinda (hope this doesnt offend you) like going for free on a hooker.