Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Look No Friends

Friday night, I headed to Blue Gin after an event. I got there late around 12:30am or so. It was kind of slow. There were lots of people down stairs, not too many upstairs.

I turned around and saw nobody I knew. I think it was the first time I have ever been there by myself. I started to feel a little anxious, like I needed to talk to someone. I did a quick scan and there was nothing really upstairs. I headed downstairs and immediately open a B6 who was standing at the corner of the bar. Nothing too exciting, straight up fluff, her friend came along and they jetted.

I moved towards the dance floor, but I did not want to stand there too long and also that’s where bunch of guys standing and lurking. A brunette walks by, I didn’t catch her face but she had a nice body so I decided to see where this would take me. So I cut around the dance floor so I could approach her from the side instead of from behind. The only problem with all this maneuvering was around everyone; by the time I get there she was talking to someone.

So I headed to the bar, as I am turning to lean against the bar, glass shatters everywhere. As I turn to what happen, this woman (BblackSkirt) is saying, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. What were you drinking? I get you another.” I wasn’t drinking anything so I told her a Dirty Grey Goose and she orders it and gets herself a Cosmo. From there the convo just flowed, mostly just fun random chit-chat, I could not get in a routine or use some canned material because we just playing off each other threads, nothing too serious like work just silly stuff like Seinfeld. It was like we were in a neutral zone just having fun. This goes on for about 15 minutes until I grab her hand and take her to the dance floor. She says, “That’s an interesting way to ask someone to dance”. And I responded, “Charming isn’t it?” She bursts out laughing. So we dance for a long time, laughing and goofing off, gradually getting closer.

She leads me back to the bar and we start chatting again this time, we are standing closer, her hand is on my shoulder, my hand is on her hip. And this time, she goes into question mode … where are you from? What do you do, blah, blah, blah … So basically answer her question with stories while adding questions into them for her to answer and we are slowly getting into fun playful mode. Her friends stroll up, she introduces them, and they wander off again. It’s now a little after 2am and I’m trying to figure out do I try to hang in there or do I just number close. So I number close her and then give her a peck on the lips and she pulls my back for a nice little kiss.

Not bad for my first night alone, I was completely off any type of game play, but I did use some tactics. I have to say I was very self-conscious; it took me a while to just let go and get comfortable.

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