Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lettuce Anaphylaxis

Lettuce anaphylaxis: lettuce allergy (that simple)

14 known cases in the world (none in the US)

So last night, I helped host a good luck/going-away party for friends that are heading to Hawaii for a marathon, two of them
(females) I train with. Somehow, I get in conversation about getting physichally fit, diet, and etc, but of course it was with the wrong people, three overweight women. Now, my friends have lost a lot of weight and they look great and they are training for and running in a marathon. One woman commented, they'll just gain all their weight back; it's possible. Another woman commented they looked good before why did they have to change; yes, they were cute, but now they are lookers. And another commented on how men only want skinny women; not necessarily true, but I can understand where that comment comes from.

Now, I'm particularly sensitive to this issue, because while not obese I have battle being chubby (20lbs overweight) and fat (50lbs overweight), finally I'm lean and fit. So I'm listen to them basically bash their friends.

Sniper: "Look, they have been training since April and they have done a kick ass job. They lost tons of weight and they can now run 24 miles. I think it's great. I have been running on and off for 10 years and I cannot come close to doing 24 miles."
Woman1: "Men are different."
Woman2: "They are single girls, they have time for stuff like that."
Sniper: "What being healthy is not a priority in your life?"
Woman2: "I mean they don't have kids or a husband to take away from their time to exercise."
Sniper: "So you rather do nothing?"
Woman2: "I have tried blah, blah, blah..."
Sniper: "When they get back spend a week with us at the gym?"
Woman2: "We'll see."
Woman3: "I wish I could diet, but I'm allergic to lettuce".
Sniper: "You're allergic to crunchy water."
Women3: "Yes."
Sniper: "You're allergic to one of two vegetables that have no nutritional value or calories?"
Women3: "Yes."
Sniper: "Are you allergic to water?"
Women3: "No."
Sniper: "Do you exercise?"
Women3: "No."

I walked away I could not take it anymore. You don't just let things happen. You have to make them happen. This made me realize that every step, I take in pua, is just one step closer to my goal. I stumble all the time, but I keep trying.


Anonymous said...

side note, calorie for calorie, leafy greens are one of the most nutrient rich foods.

Anonymous said...

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