Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Friday Sarge Away

Friday night was probably the first night in years that all friends I know in DC was either with family and not going out or just out of town. I was completely on my own. I headed to Agua where my buddy CM was working. For 10pm on a Friday, it was actually pretty busy. It's hard bar find a good location because it is L-shape; and on the left is where people stand and talk, and on the right people dance and talk, and standing in the corner will put you in the away of everyone. CM was bartending on the right side so I hung out over there in the middle. It was actually a pretty good spot, but also annoying.

When I first walked in I spot a cute girl on the left side, but saw CM bartendering and said hello to him. On both sides on me were guys just drinking and talking, a bunch of people dancing around. HBBlueDress walks up and says "Excuse me, can I get in and get a drink?"

Sniper: Sure, but there's a toll.
HBBlueDress: What's the toll?
Sniper: A joke.
HBBlueDress: Really???
Sniper: Yep.
HBBlueDress: Ok. Where does the Easter Bunny gets his breakfast?
Sniper: Hmmm... Where?
HBBlueDress: IHOP
Sniper: (LOL) You may pass.
HBBlueDress: Thanks.
Sniper: Watch my drink for me. I'll be right back.
HBBlueDress: Sure.

I go over to the other side of the bar to see if I can find the girl I first spotted when I first walked in. She standing at the bar smoking.

Sniper: Hi
HBGracie: Hi
Sniper: Did that guy fall down when he first walked in?
HBGracie: No, I didn't.
Sniper: Was like he was a tennis ball? He slipped right on his butt and bounced right up.
HBGracie: (Giggling) Get out of here.

Some guy walks up next to her. I extend my hand out to him, 'Hi, I'm Sniper'. He responds, 'Um, I'm Mike'.

Sniper: So how do you guys know each other? (Looking at both of them)
HBGracie: We work together.
Mike: We work at blah,blah,blah
Sniper: It's great when friends from work get together especially around the holidays with some many people from all over here in DC. Sometimes for folks to get back home.
HBGracie: Yeah, I know. I wanting to go back Portland, but my parents are going skiing so I'm staying here and having dinner with friends.

Mike sinks into the background.

Sniper: Hey, I gotta get back to my friends.
HBGracie: Do you have a card?
Sniper: Here you go.
HBGracie: (writes her number on the back) We need to hang out sometime.
Sniper: Hmm...You might be too much of a party animal for me.
HBGracie: Get out of here.
Sniper: Talk to you later (peck HBGracie on the cheek)
HBGracie: Bye

I return to the other side of the bar. HBBlueDress taps me on the shoulder.

HBBlueDress: Here's your drink.
Sniper: Thanks. You'll make a good friend.
HBBlueDress: I try my best. Speaking of friends this is BIrish.
Sniper: Hey, BIrish. So how do you two know each other?
BIrish: We went to school together and we both ended up here in DC a couple of years later and kept hanging out. ...blah,blah,blah ...

We are slowly being inched into the dance crowd. So I put my drink down and grab both of them of the hand the hand and start dancing with them. At this point, I have no clue as what to do next so I keep dancing, we are having fun and BIrish heads to the bar. I take HBBlueDress hands and continue to dance. I thought this was interesting, but not quite sure if it was an IOI. Anyway, BIrish waves us back over to the bar and there's shots waiting. We do them and BIrish starts talking to some guy. HBBlueDress goes into question mode.

HBBlueDress: How old are you?
Sniper: Wise enough to know it's rude to ask a woman the same question. (I know I owe some credit for this line, but I forgot where I read it)
HBBlueDress: What do you do?
Sniper: Ok, let's make this fun. Do you know how to play "I Never"?
HBBlueDress: Yeah !!! I go first.
Sniper: Ok
HBBlueDress: I never dated anyone younger than me.
Sniper: (drinks) I never flirted with men.
HBBlueDress: (laughs, drinks)

So this goes on for a couple a turns and we are laughing and slowly getting raunchier. BIrish re-engages with us and plays a couple a turns.

It's almost 1am, so I invite to come with me to Blue Gin. They thought about it, but decline. HBBlueDress gives me her number without me asking. I give BIrish a hug. I give HBBlueDress a hug and a peck on the cheek.

So I head to Blue Gin, not what I thought it would be, but it's a nice crowd. I head upstairs SHBBartender is working. I chat her up for a little bit. I turn and say Hi to this girl sitting next time and she introduces me to her five other girl friends. They were all from Israel. They range from Bs to HBs. I'm now engage in conversation with all of them; one about dc, another about politics, another about cherry blossoms, another about Puerto Rico, adn the other two just fluff ... blah,blah,blah. There was a pause and I launch into random bs about Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt and they won't stop talking, giving their opinion on every aspect of the relationship. The problem I was having was trying to select one to try to run game. So we chatted and drank. I dance with a couple, but no real vibe, but a fun time.

I had a great time Friday night. I learned a lot. Applied and tested a couple of techniques. I also need to turn the Anniston/Pitt bit into an opener. I engaged groups and learned that you definitely need a wingman to help you run game. The weirdess thing about Friday night is a while there was a lot of guys out, they were not chatting up women, not even attempting to.


Anonymous said...

I love the leave the target with your drink while you game a new girl. Thats hot on multiple levels, I'm stealing it.

Anonymous said...

I agree... im gonna steal it to. Thx dude.

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting into all this PU stuff, but your style is one of the best i've read. keep it up