Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dealing with Fear of Approach

I believe the fear of approach is a bad thing to have, what I believe is worst is to know what the problem is, have tools to fix, and yet still do nothing.

Last mid last week was tough for me. I have no idea what happen. I have dealt with this before, but I got hit hard Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I made progress on Friday and by Saturday, the fear or whatever it was, was gone.

I do not recommend anyone using my methods, because I really not sure what my methods are. What I do know is it like having two voices in my head. One screaming, “Do it, do it” and the other one making up thousand of excuses. What I found is if I’m going out with friends is to take the mindset of going out and having fun and see someone I like just go and talk her even if whatever I say is unintelligible; just getting the first out of the way.

The second mindset is just going out to have fun and meet women, nothing too dramatic as I gotta hook up. I found that this attitude is actually relaxing and that I can actually get in the groove there’s not too much thinking about openers and tactics, but things are just flowing. I have come up with routines, which seem to be working.

The number one thing I found is that alcohol is actually a deterrent for me. If I have had three or less drinks then I’m fine and I no problems approaching or opening women. If I had more than three I’m really not doing anything except talking to friends and looking for a woman that is showing interest.

Now that I have got myself back in right frame of mind, this week has been much better. While I have not gotten any numbers so far this week, I have been opening and approaching women on the metro and at Starbucks. Not bad so far, since last week, I really felt that I taking a downward slide.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyable posts as always. I'm interested in your Starbucks approaches - maybe you could choose one and dissect it?