Monday, December 05, 2005


Over the past three weeks, I have been doing some reflection on my progress. What I realized is that I have become comfortable in what I already have achieved and because I have become comfortable my need to approach or open has gone down and without approaching everyday, confidence goes down and that little voice starts to make to sense about why not to approach.

It's one of this things where things are going along fine and you really don't want to do anything to disruptions. But as many of you know, if you are not out learning/training then you are not really conditioning yourself for pua, dating, and/or relationships.

Why am I comfortable? Well, I have a relationship with BBagels, BMexico, HBArgetina, and HBAlmondEyes. I have no idea where any of these will lead, but I'm having fun.

So why am I ranting about being comfortable? The number one reason is that when it came time for me to talked to an amazing woman at the mall, I chickened out and it would have been an easy approach, we locked eyes, exchanged smiles, and all I had to do is approach. This really pissed me off. I was extremely dissapointed in myself, mostly because I knew what to do.

So it back to smashing my comfort zones and talking to everyone.

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