Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cold Weather PUAing

It case no one has notice. It's freezing outside not as cold as in some parts of the US, but it cold here in D.C.

Not that I ever did tons of street sarging, but now it's going to be a lot harder with everyone just trying to get to work home. No one is really trying to take their time and enjoy the weather.

What have notice is that places like with like Starbucks, Cosi, and Tryst with wireless are starting to get pack with a lot of women spending their day there studying or working?

Considering now, I am a 'consultant' and I can work anywhere. I thinking these might be a good places for me to work from during the day.

What do you guys thinks?

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Buzz Macmuff said...

You really shouldn't care what any of us think. What is really at issue is your state of deservedness and self-esteem, which is ultimately rooted deep in childhood. Take a look hard look at a photo of yourself as a child, imagine what you would say to each other if he was in front of you right now, and ultimately gain resolution of very deep seated problems via therapy.