Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Adding a little PUA to my Professional life

It is taking me forever to read Venusian Arts. I don't know why. I really enjoy it and I actually get it. It has led me to review some my approaches and hook-ups; it helped me understand where I have failed and where I have succeeded.

I have been playing around with some of the techniques such as instead of giving one worded answers using stories to actually convey a point. At least for me, flipping this from using stories in routines to using stories at work or everyday life has actually helped the spontaneity of stories in my routines. I know it's a**backwards, but it works for me. I have seen changes in my co-workers or work acquaintances, it like I have 'opened' them up so that it not that we just work together but we have other things in our lives that connect us. It has been quite interesting.

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