Thursday, November 10, 2005

A New Language

You can not learn a new language by memorizing words and rules of grammar; you have to live in the environment where the language is spoken.

I had the opportunity early last night to catch a couple of minutes of one of Mystery's videos in which says something to the effect that humans are social beings and that going out alone is inherently against nature, basically the game should be played in a group environment.

Now have you ever been to a party, a club, or an event with a group of people and you are kind of in the group but not fully participating, it was like you could not communicate with same group of people that you probably been friends with for years, friends that you sit next to everyday at school, but at a social event/gathering everything falls apart. It's because people are communicating on a different level - using body language, stories, raising and diffusing each others emotions, basically playing a mental chess game - in other words speaking a completely different language.

Over the past months, I read just about everything out on pua. Have I practiced 100% of the time? No, of course not. I'm just like every other human being, I gain a little knowledge and become happy with it, when that stops working, I re-read and find that I have been missing something and then incorporate that into my style/game. But these are baby steps and there is nothing wrong with that as long as I/you keep improving at each phase of development.

What I'm getting at here is that pua/seduction is like a new language where you can learn it from a book, video, or audio, but when you arrive in that country, you realize when everyone is speaking that language that you have been studying so hard to learn that you can't understand a freaking thing they are saying and they can barely understand you. After a week, you get a little better, a month even better, 6 months fluent enough to get by on your own but can't write, one year fairly proficient, you can read, speak, and write.

I guess this is why Mystery says get out there at least 4 nights a week. You have to be in the environment. It's a new language; you have to actively participate in it, not passively.

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