Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kiss on the lips

It started this spring, my HBLesbian (yes, she is gay) kiss me on the lips as we said goodbye. Every since then a kiss on the lips hello and a kiss on the lips goodbye. And every time, it makes me wonder, but I know there's nothing behind it. Instead a peck on the cheek, it's a peck on the lips.

I played with this last week as a follow-up to dealing with acquaintances, day2s, and closing. Thursday, I met a bunch of folks out for happy hour at Lucky Bar. An old friend, HBSoftball was there with some folks, I'm so deep in the LJBF zone with her that she is my primary drinking buddy when I just want to get hammered, as I walked in my group of friends. We waved hello, hugged, I pecked her on lips, and we started talking about around stuff and introduce everyone. After about an hour, my group was ready to go, we said goodbye, and we pecked on the lips goodbye. Later that night, I get this long email about how she thought we were friends and how she doesn't understand what's going on, why couldn't I had done this earlier that she's confused.

I did the same thing to HBBlackberry when we had lunch on Friday and she sends me an email later that day saying she had a great time and we need to hang out more often.

Friday, I did the same thing to my friend, BLisa at Agua, she also friends with CM. CM ask her why are you kissing him. She replied he just saying hello. CM responded but on the lips, are you hooking? She responded, No, we friends. Which frustrated CM and ask why I was kissing her and I said because I like the shoes she wearing. Which only led to CM cursing about how all his friends are hooking up. Freaking hilarious.

BG has a post up about kiss closing instead of number closing: New SP. I think on the end of a set if all has gone well, you should some combo of get the number and a peck on the lips. If everything has gone extremely well, then take it all the way if the situation is right. On Saturday, dance pretty much all night with HBCinnamon at Citron. We really didn't talk, but I ask for her number and she gave me her number and I pecked her on her lips which made her smile cheek to cheek.

On Sunday, HBAlmondeyes and I had brunch. I pecked her on the lips right when we met which made her blushed. I think it threw off her usually tease the hell out me game, because we actually had a great bunch and a lot a fun. I walked her to her car and gave her a peck on the lips goodbye which led to a good make-out session.

I don't know where this peck on the lip is leading. I do know that the girls that I have experimented with this on where girls that I had already had some type of relationship with or built some attraction with. I would not recommend pecking every girl you sarged. I definitely going to keep playing around with it.

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