Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dinner with HBAlmondEyes

I walk up to her at the restaurant and smiled.

HBAlmondEyes: Aren't you going to kiss?
Sniper: (Quick peck on the lips)
HBAlmondEyes:(Smiles and Giggles)

That evil woman made me supplicate and she got a kiss.

The host takes us far in the back.

Host: Here you go?
Sniper: We are not sitting here.
Host: You don't like it.
Sniper: No
HBAlmondEyes: Why are you being so difficult?
Host: How about the by the windows?
HBAlmondEyes: Yeah, that will be nice.
Sniper: No. We will sit over there in the middle.
Host: Great follow me.

We sit. She grabs the wine list.

HBAlmondEyes: I'm in the mood for wine.
Sniper: I think I'm going to have some sake, I'm cold.
HBAlmondEyes: That's not a bad idea. Are you sure you don't want to split a bottle of wine? (pouting)
Sniper: I'm sure.

So we start with chit-chat and order our food. About five minutes into chatting I notice that I'm hunched up over the table and she leaning back in her chair. So I re-adjust myself, leaning back into my chair looking at her but also around. We continue to chat and she begins to adjust herself leaning on the table towards me.

Dinner conversation was great - work, school, upcoming holidays - just general friend bs. When we finish we have another round of drinks and the she chimes in on her ex-fiance to which I responded look I don't want to hear about I was there in the chaos and aftermath if you want to talk about it then talk to one of your girlfriends about it. She said, ok. Then she says, "I don't know anything about you. Tell me something." So I launched into why I do what I do, I could tell she was thinking this was going to be short and simple, but I took it way back and talked about my mom and her activities in 60's, I talked about being poor and how having a little money doesn't really make you feel secure, and launched into some poor farmers campaign I worked on in Nebraska and his struggles. She ate it up, it was the first time I think I have actually told her anything besides the obvious about me since I have know her.

I really don't know what happen, but there has been a shift in this relationship with her.

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