Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another new damn friend

Last night, I was waiting for the metro to head down to Dupont to meet HBAlmondEyes for dinner. A woman walks pass and of course I check her out. Ahh, leather boots and a tight red skirt, nice bottom, nice top, cute face, olive skin, and long curly balck hair... done, I'm in love/lust/hormonal frenzy. So I walked over looked at her dead in her eyes and didn't say anything (two second before I already knew I was going to say - Awesome boots!!!), just stared and tried not to laugh because I have been listening to Shark's cd about when people screw up they tend to laugh to cover their embarassment, she smiling because she knows that I can't hold it. So we bursted out laughing. I introduce myself, she introduces herself (BBoots&Skirt). We chit chat and I'm loving it because I realize people are going on about their own business, I acutally realize no one gives a sh** about me and what I'm doing. Anyway, we get on the metro continue talking mostly about bars and what's going on in DC this week. I do get her number, but I know it's a friend deal, but she's a cool chick, and who knows she might have some kick ass friends.

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