Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Acquaintances (Pseudo friends)

Ever find yourself out with a bunch of friends or co-workers and there's a couple of girls there. They are really not your friend, they are a friend of friend or friend of a co-worker that goes out with them. You know them but you never really hit on them or even really engage them on any type of level. They are the folks, you exchange hellos to or make small talk with. Not that they are unattractive, mean, or have anything that would make you actively not pursue them. You might have known them for years, but they never feel into your view or you were too busy chase someone else or too busy being that non-gay best friend of their friend.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, I found myself at nothing but house parties of friends. Each night there was some type of switch thrown that escalated my pseudo friends (girls) to partners in crime (make-out). It usually began with some type of light kino like while talking putting my hand on their shoulder or giving them a playful push when they said something silly. Once this initial kino took place, it was like a door had open. They became more talkative, I become more talkative which led to open flirting, trading glances, playful hugging, teasing, then eventually make-out.

What does all this mean? I would suggest that there had always been some attraction and I never did anything about, probably never even saw it. I also think the light kino which was just a part of my interaction with everyone may have flipped the switch. Once thrown, whatever else they did whether or not they were just putting their guard down as if finally we are friends or maybe there is something to this; I kept moving forward. I guess it some breakthrough that I need to incorporate into my everyday routine.


Anonymous said...

i know exactly what your talking about. if i just knew this earlier. it's like closing a strong deal. woman crave for physical touch. you can even just move in to smell her hair or nice perfume and move back. if you read her body language correctly, your in.

Lucy McBees said...

I know what you mean. You need to know the body language...It require the training...

Bye Lucy.