Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mix Purposes

Woke up Saturday morning pissed at myself for my Friday night performance. I worked and watched football for most of the day. Around 5pm, I re-read Gunwitch's Dynamic Approach. I think that actually calmed me down. I grabbed something to eat at Old Glory before it got packed, talked to two girls sitting next to me at the bar mostly about football, but I was mind use to talking to people. Headed home and took a nap, woke up, did a shot, took a shower, another shot followed by red bull, and headed out the door. Once I hit the street, MB called wanting to go to Cloud, I told him I was going to Agua and then to K st then I might meet-up with him and everyone else at Blue Gin. Got to Agua, headed to the bar, a buddy of ours is a bartender (CM) there, we bs for a while. I scanned the place for 10:30 there were quite a few people there mostly women. No lone wolves those. No one was dancing yet, I guess because there were more women than guys or it was just too earlier.

There was to girls standing behind me. One looked familar, but I didn't know where. So did the lame old, "Excuse me , but do I know you from somewhere". She responded, "I don't think so. Do you work downtown?" I responded, "Ah, that's it. We work in the same building." She respond, "Hmm, what floor?" I responded, "I'm on the 9th." She responded, "You are one of those special people who have to use a key code to get on your floor." "Yeah, we gotta keep the riff-rats out", I chuckled. They both laughed. We introduce ourselves (BGirlinBuilding & BMaxie).

BMaxie: So where are your friends?
Sniper: I ditched them.
BMaxie: Why?
Sniper: I sick of doing the same old thing.
BMaxie: I couldn't go out by myself.
Sniper: Then you will never meet anyone different.
BMaxie: I meet you.
Sniper: Settle down. I have not decided that I like you yet.
BMaxie: Shut up. (punches me)
Sniper: Ouch! You're gonna get taken in for domestic abuse.
BMaxie: You're not even my boyfriend so I can beat you as much as I want.
Sniper: So you like dominating men?
BMaxie: Quit it. (punches me again)
Sniper: Aw, you're killing me.
BGirlinBuilding: Stop being a wimp.
Sniper: A wimp, eh? (I grabbed them both a squeezed us all together) Argghh!!!
Everyone is laughing.
CM: Hey! It's 11! Calm down! Leave the pretty ladies alone! (Chuckling)
BGirlinBuilding: Yeah, leave the pretty ladies alone. (Chuckles)
Sniper: Ok (I grab my drink and walk to the other side of the bar)

So I'm standing next to a mix set of four at least that what it looks like. There's gorgeous brunnette ordering drinks. I opener her with, "You're not from around here". She looks at me and gives me a no shit jackass look and says "I guess my accent gave it". "Yeah, I bet you're from Montana", I responded. She nearly drops the drink, she's handing to a friend because she dying laughing. "What?!", she says laughing. "So, it's not Montana. Hmm, China?", I asked. Smiling, she says, "Eh? Are you crazy? Look at me." "Hmm, curly brown hair, olive skin, umm ...Greece", I said. She looks at me and says, "Close but no cigar". "Aw, it's Italy!", I respond. "Yep. What's your name?" she asks. "Sniper", I respond. She (HBFranca) introduces me to her friend (BAna). We go into some fluff talk most about what to do in DC, blah, blah... MB and Jackrabbit arrive everyone introduces themselves. I head to the bathroom.

On my way out, I run into BMaxie and tell her that my friends arrived, I ask if she and BGirlinBuilding wanted to come along. She declines. I ask for her number and she gives it to me. I say goodbye to BGirlinBuilding and say let's grab lunch. She says ok. I finally arrived back to MB and Jackrabbit and they are all over HBFranca and BAna. They asked them to come along, they also decline. I ask HBFranca for her number and she gives it up.

We head to K St. Jackrabbit does his thing and goes ballistic talking to every girl in sight. MB and I get involved with this two girls (BJan & HBKaren). Dancing and talking. Some girl walks pass and grabs them both by the hand and take them to the bathroom. MB and I just start laughing. We opened two more two sets, but get no where but fluff talk. Jackrabbit returns and we decide to head to Blue Gin.

At Blue Gin, it was ok. We spent more time talking to HBBartender than getting into the mix.

Overall, I had a great night. I was out of my funk. I guess it just one of those things, you good days and bad days.

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