Thursday, October 20, 2005

Metro Sarging

I have to confess that I'm just like everyone in DC, I don't want to be bother on the metro, I just want to get where I'm going. Yet, also the metro is a confine space with a lot of women. After pondering this for about a week, I decide to break the metro code and talk to women. Now, on the weekend, I really don't have a problem because everyone is in relax mode so it so what easier to chat it up with people, but doing the week it is intimidating.

On the way to work:
Sniper: Good Morning
BLeatherJacket: Good Morning (looks down)
Sniper: I take it that you didn't win the powerball jackpot either.
BLeatherJacket: (Chuckles) No and I spent 20 bucks.
Sniper: Wow, I only lost 2. I'm not a big spender like you.
BLeatherJacket: (Chuckles) I'm not a big spender.
Sniper: (Smiling) How much did you spend on your shoes?
BLeatherJacket: (Laughs) Well, that different. I'm a girl. Gotta have good shoes.
Metro Stops, people get on and off; She's stucked behind three people. I say excuse me and reach around them and BLeatherJacket moves towards me.
Sniper: What's your name?
BLeatherJacket: BLeatherJacket
Sniper: Got IM
BLeatherJacket: Yeah
Sniper: What is it?
BLeatherJacket: (Smiles) It's BLeatherJacket@...
Metro slows down.
Sniper: I'll drop you a line later.
BLeatherJacket: Hey, what your name?
Sniper: Sniper
BLeatherJacket: Nice meeting ya.
Sniper: Same here.
I get off the metro.

On my way to lunch (sitting across the aisle from a HB7 typing on her blackberry) :
Sniper: You get service down here?
HBBlackberry: No. I just want to reply so when I get out. I can send it.
Sniper: You know there's feature, where you can instant message other blackberry user?
HBBlackberry: No way. Get out here?
Sniper: Come here. I'll show you.
She moves across the aisle and sits next to me.
HBBlackberry: Ok, show me.
So I show her how to do it.
Sniper: Ok, send me a message. I should get it once I get outside and I'll respond.
HBBlackberry: Cool
We go into some fluff talk and her stop comes up. We part. When I get out of the metro, I get her message.
HBBlackberry : Test
Sniper : Not very creative
HBBlackberry : I couldn't think of anything.
Sniper : Well, at least now I know you want be blackberry stalking me.
HBBlackberry : HAHAHA... Wow, this is fast.
Sniper : Told ya...sitting down to lunch...gotta can buy me a beer at happy hour next tues
HBBlackberry : Can't do Tues, but I can do Weds.
Sniper : Cool. Drop me a line in the morning.
HBBlackberry : Definitely. What's your name?
Sniper : Sniper
HBBlackberry : Nice meeting. I'm HBBlackberry. Have a god day.
Sniper : U 2

My next two attempts did not work out, nothing embarrassing just hello and fluff talk.

What I learned today was while everyone has their I don't want to be bother face on, they are actually pretty receptive, but this is just one day. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting experiment.

I recently met a guy who's great at public transport game, but he has a lot of trouble with club game.. It's exactly the other way around with me.