Saturday, October 08, 2005

Jack Rabbit

Thursday night, my friend (AS) calls me up and asked to go to happy hour. I said cool. He had just broke up with his girlfriend about two weeks ago so I kinda of prepared for some drinking. We met at Local 16, had a drink headed to Stetsons. Once at Stetsons, he was off opening up every girl in sight. So I started talking to this girl next time nothing to serious, just random talked.

AS then grabs me and pulls me into a conversation, he is having with two girls which end s up in the typical DC talk what do you do ... blah, blah ... as soon as one of the chicks stops talking to us. He leaves and goes off talking to another so I'm like ok, he is in the mood to get laid, he just going to keep going until he finds what he wants. So I continue to talk to the two girls (BWhitepants & BGreenshirt) he left me with and I did an opinion opener - Which is better Laguana Beach or the O.C.? and they both just go off on how Laguana Beach is for kids and I'm all about how O.C. is fake so I am having a good time blowing up the O.C. and they are giving me a hard time and high school girls.

AS returns and pulls me out the set and pulls me into another conversation with a mix group (3 girls, 2 guys). He is all up one girl a cute blond. I did the complimentary what's up, introduce myself to everyone and went right into who lies more opinion opener. I surprise, but everyone just opened up started blabbing. It was great because I was able to get into a one on with nice looking brunette (BTessa) who trying to sell me on how all girls are not liars. So I ask what type of girl, she is and goes on about how treat her guy nice and etc... AS grabs me says let's go upstairs, I should have been mad, but I was floored because I had no idea how to transition this, she basically told me she's available and how she makes a good girlfriend.

Anyway, we head upstairs and this pattern continues. AS opens a group, pulls me in, and moves on. I left Stetsons with BWhitepants, BGreenshirt, and BTessa's phone numbers. We head to The Reef and Mantis, and the same deal. I ended the night with six numbers and four emails and a kiss close. AS made out with some girl at Mantis. I have no idea how many people I talked to because AS was a mad man, everytime the conversation would drop, he off to another girl or group of girls.

This opened my eyes to my game, because I have been so content on one or two throwaways and opening someone and sticking to that set.

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