Monday, October 24, 2005

Friday Night Rut

Not that my weekend sucked, my performance was sub-par. I have definitely gotten lazy and I have to figure away out of it. Friday night at Local 16, I walked in and started to go to the bar and caught myself so I did a lap thru the bar. Iwas for my friends but was actually the first one there. It wasn't too packed yet so you could actually move around and talked to folks. What surprise me the most was that I saw no one I knew. I finally made my way to the bar and order a diet coke. Scouted around some more, it was not a bad scene. A group of five girls come up and order drinks. All were nice looking, no attitudes, seemed like nice people. And my response was nothing, it wasn't even any self-doubt talk in my head, just a stupid blank expression. Lucky, my friends showed up a couple of minutes afterwards. They grab a couple of drinks, we bs for a while, and then head to Chi-Cha's where I once again proceed to be a smackdick and stand around a look at women. After about a hour and half everyone was ready to head to Blue Gin. Blue Gin was dead so we headed to Mie-n-Yue which was packed at this point I was pissed at myself trying to decide to either go home or get drunk. I decided before I pull the plug I would at least open one set. I did actually well, I used the ESP opener an actually worked. I didn't number close, but my mind was finally working on level where it needed to be. Anyway, I opened two more set nothing really come out it, but I was definitely feeling better.

I guess what I learned was to just go ahead and do my thing. Too bad it took me three hours to get to that point.

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