Wednesday, September 14, 2005


As I walked into 7-Eleven this afternoon, I walked pass very nice looking lady and smile. I said to myself, "She good-looking". Not thinking about pua, I went about my business of grabbing a diet coke. A guy walks in and is checking out the same girl out and starts taking to himself out loud, "Damn. Whew. Mumble, mumble, ...". And then my mind kicks in, "What are you doing? Do you want to end up being like this guy ... bs and talking out loud to yourself?" So I paid for my diet coke and walk out. She was at the curb about to cross the street as I walked up.

Me: Hi.
HBMarisol: Oh, Hi. (startlingly)
Me: What's your name?
HBMarisol: Marisol. What's yours?
Me: Sniper
HBMarisol: Do you know how to get to Georgetown?
Me: Yeah, (I give her directions)
HBMarisol: Thanks. Nice meeting you.
Me: Same here. Do spend too much money?
HBMarisol: You know how girls are. (smiling and walking away)

Critique: I was one-sided in my approach. I was thinking about just getting this girl to talk to me. I had no end game in sight. I should had at least ask for her email.

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