Tuesday, September 20, 2005


An interesting thing happened Saturday, I headed to Blue Gin after a house party to catch up with my friends. I got there around 1 am. Everyone was in a good mood. The place was not packed but there was a nice size crowd there. I was hanging out at the side bar talking to the bartender and a friend of mine. My friend, BCanada is a cute blond, nice girl, and she has a boyfriend who is one of my drinking buddies. We were engaged in some conversation, you know that type when you are hanging out with friends, you just start talking and you a hit subject and you keep on going.

Anyway, some guy just starts talking to us. At first, I was here we go a drunk guy trying to hit on BCanada. He was not a jerk or drunk, but talkative and funny. I don't know if this guy was a natural or a part of the community, but his game was tight. Once I realized what was going on, I just began to observe. He injected himself in our conversation with some random talk about his trip to Europe and went into a story, intiated a lot of kino to me and BCanada at times having us in faux group hug, he actively probed us with questions not silly fluff questions but questions surrounding what we were all talking about and taking the answers and steering the conversation onto that topic. Eventually, I broke off, because I wanted to go and get some approaches in.

I do have to say if I was sarging BCanada, I would have been in trouble. Either this guy knew what he was doing or it was just a natural extention of his personality, but whatever it was, it showed me that still have a lot of work to do.

While I have been slowly, but steadily improving, my game is all over the place, no consistency with a lot of energy expended. Right now, I'm in the go mode, doing a lot of approachings or attempting a lot of approaches, getting numbers and flakes, reading everything I can get may hands on, practicing or attempting every style out there. Maybe I need a little more focus.


Anonymous said...

Did this AMOG number close, waste his time or did you not find out?

I am an AFC myself but I would say find out from BCanada what happened from her point of view. That will be valuable information for yourself.

And if you were intimidated by this supposed AMOG, there is a substantial chance when you found out the results you'll be less intimidated in the future.

Style said...

Yea! He seems like he knows what he was doing. I AMOG'ed for the first time this week, and it wasn't as powerful as that. You should really found out if it lead anywhere with BCanada, would help you out alot.

I think your improving dude, nobody said this stuff could be learned in 3 months, just keep approaching, and number closing, and everything will start coming to you. Great blog BTW.

Anonymous said...

The best way to figure out if someone's from the community or not is to take over the convo with the "who lies more" opener. Haha.

alwswrite said...

Someone smart once told me, "If you're interested, you're interesting." Words to live by.